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Kensington, London

I8 consultancy created and innovated the Quest

I8 consultancy created and innovated the Quest, which was to develop a digital platform where event management companies, transport/haulage companies and tour operator companies all will be in one place. The customer would sign up for the digital platform and enter their requirements either for event management or travel related services.



The Quest


Event Management  



Client Requirement

The concept was proposed for the entrepreneur behind The Quest, having a decade’s cumulative experience in fields such as Events Managements, Transport/Haulage Service, and recently Tour operations.

Our Approach

I8 consultancy creates and innovates the business operations and formulates the strategies for The Quest to help them innovate and accelerate their business operations internationally. I8 consultancy facilitates the client to establish an innovative, viable and scalable business in the United Kingdom. With our expert team and research analysts, i8 consultancy did the extensive market research through qualitative and quantitative techniques. Our team develops a detailed business plan which comprises extensive market research for the company; The Quest.

I8 consultancy’s experienced legal team assisted the client for the legal documentation and put up the case to the UK home office with their exceptional skilful expertise. With an experience of several years, our team at i8 consultancy, make it possible for them to get endorsed by one of the UK Home Office approved Endorsement Body and process their UK Innovator visa smoothly.


With the assistance from i8 consultancy, the proposed business idea would create potential job and business opportunities for a number of businesses including event management companies, tour operator companies and transport companies. The digital platform aims to provide an ease of access and management of travel related activities all under one platform. We will get in touch with different agents and provide our services to a diverse range of audiences. This was made possible through the efforts of our experienced team at i8 consultancy.