Over the past 10 years, we have helped companies reach their financial and branding goals by exploring diverse markets through Innovative procedures including business strategies, revenue growth, digital transformation and strategic framework implementations. 



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Wealth Management

Start planning your wealth for your investments, business and family.

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Our holistic offering takes all aspects of your wealth into account, and provides you with the keys to what we do best:

Real estate

We strongly believe in diversifying your wealth into Real Estate and that’s why we offer an exclusive selection of properties for passive income and for personal use in fast paced growing markets such as United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Turkey to ensure you are provided with the best opportunities


Passing on your wealth as an expat can be complicated due to wills, trusts, gifts, or tax. Ensure your assets are protected through proper planning with i8 Consultancy to ensure you are on the safe side

Islamic finance

Bespoke Islamic finance wealth management solutions I8 Consultancy has been offering its clients investment solutions in-line with the principles of Islamic finance since 2014. These solutions are founded on a moral and ethical code, which seeks to protect investors from speculation and excessive risk. It consists on a individual solution, different form other offerings in the market


The cryptocurrency world has been growing for the last years and while the world is changing and becoming more digitalized we believe that our clients should follow the pace and be part of the new internet era. Learn with us where can you allocate some of your portfolio in Crypto and how to make international payments with it

Wealth management

A personal financial advisor analyzes your portfolio and personal objectives to comply with a unique financial plan combining our high quality services that suits best for you. From business expansion optimization to just investing in cryptocurrencies