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I8 consultancy innovates Freelance Magnet

I8 consultancy innovates Freelance Magnet, a peer-to-peer digital platform that will focus on Education and Training whilst connecting freelancers, professionals with Business Owners to drive revenue.


Freelance Magnet




South Africa

Client Requirement

Whilst running his businesses Lyle has seen market attitudes towards technology become more progressive and the willingness to adopt alongside the digitalisation drive making remote working easier than ever before. The recent COVID Pandemic disrupted businesses in all sectors and businesses of all shapes and sizes. To counteract the vacuum left by the pandemic and to address the market gap for one of his own businesses Lyle began to develop a digital solution that could solve gaps left behind in business. Whilst developing the solution Lyle realised that the technology and platform could be utilised at a bigger scale than just to address his business.  Lyle wanted to facilitate the growth of the gig economy and harness the power of peer-to-peer education, training, skills and knowledge transfer in an ever-changing world.

Our Approach

I8 consultancy innovates the business operations and formulates the strategies for Freelance Magnet to help them innovating and accelerating their business operations internationally. I8 consultancy facilitates the client to establish the proposed business in the United Kingdom. With our expert team and research analysts, i8 consultancy did the extensive market research through qualitative and quantitative techniques. Our team develops the detailed business plan which comprises of extensive market research for the company; Freelance Magnet.

I8 consultancy’s experienced legal team assist the client for the legal documentation and put up the case to the UK home office with their exceptional skilful expertise. With an experience of several years, our team at i8 consultancy, make it possible for them to get their UK business visa smoothly.


With the assistance from i8 consultancy, Freelance Magnet will be an online platform focusing on the GIG economy in the United Kingdom. This peer-to peer digital platform will focus on Education and Training whilst connecting freelancers, professionals with Business Owners to drive revenue. The Education and Training will allow peers to offer quickly train on new or updated technologies to one another and opportunities to utilise those skills onto real life projects with business owners who are looking for short-term contractor to fill in a gap.  This was made possible through the efforts of our experienced team at i8 consultancy.