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Kensington, London

I8 consultancy accelerates The United Group

I8 consultancy accelerates The United Group, which is the leading and reliable medical, cosmetic and optical instruments Provider Company based in Isamailia, Egypt. Since its establishment, it has been offering efficient and prompt service to its customers.


The United Group


Medical Equipment Wholesaling



Client Requirement

The United Group wanted to become a regional and international company. The company aims to continue its efforts to increase the customer base. United Group asked i8 Consultancy to achieve sales growth targets by moving to other markets and adopting new strategies. I8 Consultancy will create the brand, especially for sunglasses and cosmetics.

Our Approach

I8 consultancy accelerates the business operations and formulates the strategies for The United Group to help them expand their business operations internationally. I8 consultancy facilitates the client to establish a branch office in the United Kingdom. With our expert team and research analysts, i8 consultancy did the extensive market research through qualitative and quantitative techniques. Our team develops the detailed business plan which comprises extensive market research for the company; The United Group.

I8 consultancy’s experienced legal team assisted the client for the legal documentation and put up the case to the UK home office with their exceptional skilful expertise. With an experience of several years, our team at i8 consultancy, make it possible for them to get their UK business visa smoothly.


With the assistance from i8 consultancy, The United Group, as a first step, the proposed branch will engage target customers of the UK through their brilliant marketing strategies and deal with the parent company by exporting medical equipment, optical devices and products to Egypt from the UK, which was made possible through the efforts of our experienced team at i8 consultancy.